How to Invoke Help From the Heavens ~ Decrees & Clarion Calls: Oct 4th 2020

During this Round Table the Bless All Life Council was discussing the use of decrees and clarion calls for personal and planetary service. In a free will society such as that of Earth, the asking by someone in body is required in order for Mother/Father/God & the Company of Heaven to respond. Learning and using these tools can be of great benefit to one and all in these changing times.

All of our meetings begin with  opening protocol both to set our group energy and to demonstrate powerful ways to set group and individual energies for particular events and for us each as individuals.  The primary program in this video includes:

Intro to decrees-Janet Doerr
28:26 Prayers and decrees - MaryMa McChrist
39:36 Prayers, decrees and clarion calls-Emmaray Kumara 

~ Enjoy! May All Be Blessed