Our Creation Story

In the Winter of 2019, I was surprised when I was Divinely Called at 2am to “ Bless the Children” who were experiencing trafficking. Having met amazing healers on a Spiritual Tour to the UK, I contacted them for assistance. These Spiritually Advanced Women readily assisted, then we realized that MUCH more work was required, not only for the children, but for all living Beings including the Earth/Gaia! Our group has evolved into an international team of devoted women & men who are phenomenal planetary teachers & healers.

Over the past year we have met weekly creating recorded sessions which include co-created planetary healing work, exercises in personal and planetary transformation, grounding Divine Blueprints, as well as huge spiritual activations, which are available to all who participate and to those who watch later.  If you have not already done so, we invite you to enjoy these recorded sessions in OurVideos.

We are aware that our Council is one of many Light Councils who are actively anchoring the Divine templates and we gratefully connect with all through the Unity Grid activation at the beginning of each of our calls. In addition, we have all noticed remarkable growth on our synergistic calls as we integrate the knowledge and Spiritual Tools which we share.

Our Service as the Earth-embodied aspect of our Bless All Life Cosmic Council, facilitating healing the world & Multiverse, gives each of us much Joy and personal satisfaction. We actively explore the value of consciously co-creating as a Council an d acting as Divine Surrogates, bridging Heaven on Earth into tangible reality.

~ By Beverly Brinn - Founder, Bless All Life Council ♥