Justyna Maternicka

Bio:  With my feet on the ground and my head high in the sky, I have been experiencing my embodiment. Anchored through the solid profession of a civil engineer, I have been expressing my calling to establish connections by building new ‘high-ways’, while holding Lavender Rose energy. In the Sisterhood of the Rose tradition this energy represents the transition from the Pink to the Blue. While Pink Rose is the energy of a teacher traveling from one place to another, Blue Rose speaks of a mystic contacting higher realms and bringing vital new teachings from there.

It was in 2013, when the first of the great guides I met, took me into spiritual dimensions of my journey - “Master your mind as this will allow you to access your greatest gifts”. This part of the journey has been about facing the ego and, the variety of its facets and shades.   

Regardless the starting point, each spiritual path brings one to the gates of his own heart. And here is where the real quest started for me with the message – ‘Now is the time to open your heart. Love yourself!”


What does that actually mean?

It became a journey choosing unconditional acceptance to all there is, including myself, in the first instance. The wider the gate of my heart opens, activating the multidimensional portal that it is, the more palpable is the Presence that comes through.

If you feel drawn to contact me, based on my sharing, please do.