Rebecca Lusted

Over time, I have trained in healing modalities such as crystals, dowsing, Indian head massage, Reiki, tarot and the 3 Principles. I work in our homes with clients or remotely.

Spirituality and philosophy have always been a big part of my life from an early age. I read a book on Buddhism age 14 that gave me hope that I was not alone and ignited my inner landscape that someone else believed in other lifetimes and dimensions!

In recent years nothing has touched me more than the 3 Principles as understood via an enlightenment experience by Sydney Banks ( The 3 Principles are defined as Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. He saw Thought as a Spiritual Principle, a Gift that allows us to recognize the inseparability of the spiritual and the physical and that we all have mental well-being and this is our True Nature. He saw that psychology has had it backwards and attempting to change or manage thought, is a bit like focusing on an empty stable once the horse has bolted. It is not what we think but why we think, knowing that life is an inside-out experience and not-outside in. I continue to see deeper that there is nothing to do or fix and layers of my thinking fall away and I have more peace and clarity as a result.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the Bless all Life Community. ♥