Ray Savage

Ray coordinated the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme for youth and ran the family farm, which is now given over mainly to camping and recreational activities with moves into building a retreat center and Eco-housing.  

Worked with a natural health company and in environmental protection for a Local Authority.

Served as local councilor for his village in East Sussex UK and formerly chaired the village council and introduced To Step Away (deep rites of passage in nature, mentoring etc.), which has an extraordinary success rate.

Ray is a certified trainer for HeartMath – a Heart IQ practitioner – and uses gongs for vibrational healing journeys and ‚pujas‘.  He is a Flow Genome Coach and also works with A Band of Brothers which helps young men who have become stuck in the crime cycle.

In addition, he is serving with a number of groups to develop Retreat Centers globally – Universal Trust, New Story Findhorn, Ubuntu, Heart IQ and Full Circle Project, in an effort to assist the evolution and in expansion of consciousness, raising compassion and empathy for self and others, invoking greater wellness and practices in stillness and nature.

Ray developed a 100 acre site in southern UK now consisting of 7 dwellings an indoor sports arena, tennis courts and a 30 horse equestrian center.  More recently he finished building and developing a center in the Ox Mountains of County Sligo Ireland – http://www.cabraghlodge.ie