MaryMa McChrist

Mary Clarice McChrist (M.A.) is a Divine Mother, rare in America, common in India. She is a visionary artist, Messenger for the Ascended Masters and Archangels since 1971, a prize winning author for Virgin of Guadalupe, Gifts and Prayers. She won a Silver Medal in 2010 for digital excellence from e-Lit and Jenkens of New York. She wrote The Keys to the Golden Age (7-7-77), The Child’’s Golden Age Handbook (2007), Homage to the Buddhas (2009), Heart of the Mother (2009), Prayers of the Holy Family (2010) Archangelic Rainbow Healing Manual (2011). Her latest book, Magdalene’s Black Rose: the Love Story of Jesus and His Beloved was released in 2015. available thru Amazon KDP Mary McChrist or call Ma @ 530-568-1106.

Mary Clarice McChrist created a number of World Firsts events including: Sol Center Foundation, one of the first Ascension Centers; “Super Cream” an all Women’s Mixed Media Photographic Exhibition (1974); the Second, All-Women’s Photographic Exhibition “Heavy-Light” (1975); Keys to the Golden Age, one of the first Ascension Books (7-7-77); and in Mount Shasta  she created Conclave of the Mother, the First Conference honoring all of the Divine Mothers Worldwide (1994); The Feminine Christ (9-9-99). Her newest work is . Spiritual Teachings are available now in advanced classes: “13 Lessons with Mother-Mary,””13 Lessons with Jesus Christ” are all available for you. “Michaels’ Round Table begins 4-24-21.

Mary McChrist also was the first to release many new combination colors, rays and flames: Silver-Green from Archangel Raphael (2009)l, Cobalt-Silver from Archangel Raziel (2010), and Raspberry Sherbet of the Divine Mother by Lord Mary Buddha (8-28-10). These are a few of the healing modalities in The Archangelic Rainbow Healing Manual (2011)