Lisa Stewart

I spent most of my childhood on the island of Oahu, HI and was raised in the LDS (Mormon) church.

I had no prior experience in mysticism and unaware of subtle energies growing up.

I developed a love of nature and am involved in art and photography. I moved to Utah to learn to ski in my early 20’s and ended up staying here.

I first discovered my spiritual gifts thru several intuitive souls in my life.

I was told that I had a spiritual figure that looked like Mother Mary standing at the foot of my bed each night. What did this mean I wondered?

Another intuitive friend noticed that I had a “Crown” on my heart chakra and that this was unique and something he had never seen before.

Thru a spiritual reading done for me in 2016, I was informed that I was part of the “Sisterhood of the Rose”, an ancient group of women who came together to do spiritual work during the Lemurian and Atlantian times. There were 12 groups of 12 women, or 144 Souls. This explained my connection to the figure that looks like Mother Mary standing at the foot of my bed. In my present lifetime I chose to reincarnate with this group of women to bring back the energy of the “Divine Feminine” after many thousands of years of the feminine energy being suppressed.

At the end of 2018 I had a spiritual awakening and connected with my beloved Creator. I used visualization and sacred geometry to help me accomplish this. My third eye opened and I saw a column of pure white light enter the top of my head and move thru my body and then light up the ground below me. I fell to the ground and started crying. I was shown that I am part of the Creator. I remember running to tell my husband about my vision and experience and telling him that I AM HIM, I AM the Creator in physical form. I am here to experience physical reality as an extension of the Creator. This changed my life forever and I have had many more visions and insights since then. I have been able to explore aspects of my higher self and receive guidance in meditation.

Discoveries that have been made since my spiritual awakening have been that I am part of the “Crystal” People. I have a connection with the Akashic Realm and Ancient Crystal Skulls. I helped those souls who wanted to embody the Crystals Skulls to do so thru my Love.

My Star Family is from the Pleiades. I am part of the Mary Collective, specifically working with the very heart of Mother Earth. I am a White Rose in the Sisterhood of the Rose. I am a Gate Keeper for the Stonehenge Star Gate. I am a Galactic Healer and have worked in service during many lifetimes on many different planets and galaxies.

In this lifetime I am genetically connected to Jesus and Mary Magdalene, these are my Great Great Grandparents. This is the explanation for the Crown on my heart chakra.

Currently (2021), I am working with the 12 ancient sacred Crystal Skulls, as well as 12 Atlantian Priests and 12 ancient Crystal Roses together to help Humanity thru this transition period.

New discoveries and experiences keep coming in day by day. I feel very blessed to be in service and know my true heart’s desire and dreaming.

I currently make my living in the Computer Science field and in trading Bonds. My hobbies are sports, photography, the outdoors, cooking, home remodeling, science and crystals and more.

~ Namaste ~ Lisa Stewart